Men’s Ministries

Summertime is a quiet time with our men’s ministries.

Beginning in September, the Men’s Breakfasts will start up again, meeting on the second Saturday of each month through April at 8:00 a.m. Breakfast is served, for which each participant is asked to donate $5.00 to cover food costs, and the current study is from 2 Timothy, which is being taught by the elders.

Surveyors Men’s Bible study is also held during the winter months. Currently, the guys are working their way through the Psalms, using a curriculum written and taught by one of our elders. This is an evening study, with the day to be determined closer to the time they will start up again.

The first annual Men’s Funday took place on June 15, 2013. The men went on a unique scavenger hunt that involved disc golf, a basketball free-throw competition, a history tour, riding horses, skeet shooting, Caldron Linn, Stricker Ranch & more! In the midst of all that, the men had meals, snacks, study, and fellowship. Stay tuned for next year’s adventure!

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